Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kids craft project

Yesterday I ran a kids craft day in Methven. I had 16 children at and we made a range of projects including a pocket wallet album, a concertina album , bookmark, two cards aand this critter using the hamburger diez. The children had a choice of several critters to make.

Pic of the Week Award

Pic of the Week Award
Thanks to Bronwyn Eastley and Betty Traciak for their samples that on their blogs that I used.
The children did a great job with their critters despite the fiddliness of putting them together.


  1. These look great. Wow, how did you mange to make so much with 16 kids. Welk done. My kids classes are about half that size.

    1. I was fortunate to have some year 7-8 girls who were great at helping some of the slower ones. Yes is a big undertakng.but worth it to see the kids having fun and being creative.