Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shaving Cream Patterns

Last term at Brownies for Easter I made eggs out of cardstock and then got the girls to decorate them using the Shaving Cream technique.As I was practicing to see if the technique would work I swiped some cardstock through with the two different colour combinations.With the plan to make the cards into cards at a later date. So here they are.
Shaving cream technique involves shaving cream and reinkers. You place the cream onto a plate or tray and then put droplets of colour onto the cream. Then with a fork or skewer spread the colours out (like marbling). Then when colour spread and mixed place cardstock on top of the cream where the colours are and next thing you know you have lovely colours on your card and shaving cream. With a sponge cloth gently wipe the cream off the card and there you have it a lovely decorated cardstock.

I have used quite bright colours for these two cards but I think it looks really good with the Apothecary Art stamp set.
This would be fun to do with children and you could probably use ordinary paints.

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  1. Alison I love these cards, the back grounds are wonderful.
    I haven't been blog surf much lately, looks like you have been busy.
    I will get in touch soon.