Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bamboo booklets

Last week at the Christchurch Heartfelt event Julia Leece showed us how to make booklets from bamboo sticks. So once home I was really keen to have a go at making one. I am the local Brownie leader and we have just finished a badge about the Black Stilt birds which are endangered. When i saw what Julia had made I thought thats what I could make and put the photos of the girls and the activities that they did for their badge. So here is my version.
You can add as many pages as you like to the book.I have ended up with 20 pages. Think I got a bit carried away, but I will fill them all up. The book size is about 14.5cm x 18cm.
I have decorated it fairly plainly but I really enjoyed making it. Now my daughter would like  me to make another with bright coloured pages and have photos on the pages of all her soft toys. Yeah right!
Thanks Julia for a very creative idea.

I bought a new laptop  a few weeks ago and I must have got the 1 in 1000 that fails. The hard drive went completely dead. We managed we think to get most of my files off it. So now waiting for a replacement. .
I was so enjoying have my own laptop for all my cardmaking.and being able to use it in my crafting room that is seperate from the house. So back to using the family one for a bit.

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  1. wow you were quick!!! that's a perfect idea for the book - I hope the study you and the Brownie girls helps to protect them!