Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentines

I've had a lovely day today. Started with me receiving a lovely card and gift from my DH.
Then my daughter wrote my husband and I some lovely words for Valentines Day. Because it was wet today we went to town to do some jobs before going out for a lovely meal at a restaurant.
A tradition in our family ( if we are not harvesting) on Valentines day is to have a candle lit meal. ( Its amazing how many damp Valentines day there have been over the years.)
The kids get really excited. I try and cook something a bit different. For dessert I made Chocolate Brownie which went down a treat.
As well I made a gift for my husband.I made this heart shaped gift box. I have used the Petal cone big diez. I have put a narrow strip of cardstock between the two petal cones to make a box. I got this idea from Maria Matonti here.
And of course I couldn't miss the children out. So I made these.
Again these are made with the petal cone diez. Last week I made these for a workshop that I took.The ladies really liked these especially with the little treat in it.
So did my children.


  1. Pretty.
    Sounds like a good day.
    I was thinking the same earlier about wet valentines days.

  2. Totally love the Valentines box Alison. What a thoughtful Mum you are to includes the kids with a gift of their own!